Jakemans Throat and Chest – Powerful Soothing Lozenges

From that first tickle in the back of your throat to a bad cough that ends up in your chest, Jakemans Throat and Chest Lozenges are there to soothe you for the duration.

Our effective lozenges are delightfully tasty and provide soothing relief when you’re suffering from a cough, sore throat and the effects of seasonal distress, or you need a boost to your body’s wellness.

Made in Boston England since 1907, Jakemans Throat & Chest Lozenges have been helping throats feel better naturally for more than a century. Long known for their unusually delicious flavors and unique Liquid-Drop shape, our lozenges provide you with comfortable, soothing relief from coughs or sore throats due to colds or flu.

You will immediately notice that Jakemans lozenges feel different in your mouth. They’re the smoothest Lozenges you’ll ever try. That’s because they are formed from a droplet, not compressed and stamped out by a machine. The result is more smoothness and less brittleness – so you get fast relief without any sharp edges inside or outside the lozenge. Jakemans Throat & Chest lozenges tend to melt down slowly rather than crack into shards, leaving you with a unique and long-lasting sense of comfort, unlike the usual discomfort you may experience from common lozenges.

You can benefit from this soothing sensation at any time of year. Jakemans also helps with itchy throats from seasonal allergies. Singers also appreciate their usefulness in daily voice care when experiencing dry and hoarse throats.  At Jakemans, we are dedicated to using the finest quality natural ingredients in our Lozenges.