Jakemans From Boston (England)

We specialize in quality menthol based confectionery. Established in 1907 in Boston, England where we remain to this day.

Yes, England has a Boston! Jakemans is very well known there, too, because many of our local citizens have been crafting our drops for more than a century. Now we are also in America, sharing our love for premium, effective goodness through our Throat & Chest lozenges. You will notice our lozenges feel different in your mouth. That’s because they are formed from a droplet, not compressed and stamped out by a machine. The result is more smoothness and less brittleness. Throat & Chest lozenges tend to melt down rather than crack into shards, leaving you with a unique sense of comfort, unlike the usual discomfort you would get from regular lozenges.

Thanks to our dedication to using quality natural ingredients, Jakemans joined the LanesHealth family in 2007. LanesHealth are leaders in providing alternative natural remedies to many common ailments.

We think the reason for our success is simple: we use the finest ingredients to create a great taste and a product that really works.